About Us

Our story

We are Honey Cakes, and we sell delicious European cakes and treats. All our products are homemade in a certificated bakery from high-quality ingredients.

We are a husband and wife team, originally from Ukraine but have been calling Christchurch home for the past eight years. Inna is the brain behind the business and brings her passion for sweet indulgence to life at Honey Cakes. While Igor helps out with the communications, business admin, and cake degustation.

We are very happy to have found the Farmers Market to sell our products.
The community here is amazing and supportive. It is great to see so many other small local businesses here.

At Honey Cakes, we think that it is important to treat yourself, and cakes are the best option. Our European cakes are slightly different from standard biscuit cakes: made out of multiple (up to 8!) thin layers and layered with delicious cream, they are sweet, light, and melt in your mouth. Free tasting is welcome! Please, pop in and try our delicious cakes.

Our cafe is now open! Come visit us for delicious treats and coffee!

39 Bewdley Street

Tue-Fri 9:30 AM – 4.30 PM
Sat 10.00 AM – 14.00 P.M